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The focus of this site is to help you achieve optimum health, fat loss and performance through using Phil’s advanced knowledge, experience and expertise on laboratory testing, nutrition, hormones, gut health, immunology, detoxification, strength training, conditioning, program design and supplementation.


Phil has worked with professional athletes and teams in multiple sports at the highest level through to people from all walks of life with a multitude of health complaints who just want to feel healthier, get fitter and lose weight.

“Phil Richards has a ton of experience as an elite strength and conditioning coach. I’ve worked with many athletes/coaches over many years and his credentials are second to none, it was a no brainer getting him involved with my strength and conditioning program getting me ready for my big fight.”



One Of The Best Books I've Read

“Phil Richards Science Of Fat Loss Book is one of the best books I’ve read on the subject and every trainer should read this book”.Advanced settings.

Dr Eric Serrano (World Leading Hormonal Expert)

I Was Blown Away

“I was blown away by the knowledge I gained from Phil both on health and nutrition.”

Nina Ross – Miss Fitness Competitor

Phil Richards Contributed Significantly

“Having my bloods done with Phil Richards contributed significantly towards me becoming the World’s Strongest Man.”

Eddie The Beast Hall (Worlds Strongest Man)

Measurably Better And Within A Month I Was 100% Better

“Within one week of starting this program my health was measurably better and within a month I’d say I was 100% better. My wife noted a positive change in my personality and I just started to feel healthy again. The improvements to my health have been so noticeable that…  I have been actively singing your praises and people who know me can see a marked difference in my health so it’s kind of an easy sell. Thanks again for all your help and advice Phil, your knowledge and book are a revelation and I’m living proof that it works.”

Lee Procter PhD (Pharmasist)


I Would Not Have Achieved My Overall Results Without Phil’s Help

“In four weeks, I lost body fat from all points tested. I lost 1 stone 7 lbs and went on stage and won my category Bikini Diva. I placed 6th in fitness and even winning 4 out of the 10 events. I won 3rd overall in the whole competition and selected as the overall ‘Perfect 10’ girl out of 100 girls. I would not have achieved that weight loss and fitness and overall results without Phil’s help.

Melinda Cooksey


Ultimate Male Health Panel

Made especially for male health, testing a range of blood markers to pinpoint red flags in health to make accurate corrections. 

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Health & Fat Loss Transformation

A 28-day health & fat loss transformation plan with Phil Richards, world renown high-performance health, nutrition & strength coach.

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Science Of Fat Loss Certification Course

Build Health – Build Muscle – Lose Fat 12 Week Online Certification Course With Phil Richards

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Ultimate Female Health Panel

Tailored for women, this blood test checks all markers aiming to increase health, assist with the menopause or even to help with fat loss and performance. 

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Internship with Phil

How would you like to intern with one of the World’s leading experts in strength, conditioning, nutrition & blood chemistry analysis?
Well now you can for only £500 per day.

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STAD Strength & Conditioning Course

6 week online strength training for athletic development certification course for only £599
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Ultimate Stool Analysis

Bacteria in the gut can have an impression on allergies, mood, energy and immune function. This analysis gives us the microbiome abundance and a diversity summary.

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Personal Training with Phil

After 35 years of training people from all walks of life Phil is now very pleased to be able to offer you his expertise as a personal trainer.

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Seminar or workshop

Phil is a very sought-after speaker and has lectured all over the world on many subjects from strength, conditioning, nutrition, disease prevention,  through to emotional well-being. £750 Per Day.

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