Online Coaching With Phil Richards

Coaching Packages:

  • £300 for 4 weeks
  • £750 for 12 weeks

Online Coaching With Phil Richards

ARE you fed up with training and not getting results no matter how hard or how often you train?

DO you want to get leaner, fitter & healthier but have no idea on what’s the best training and nutrition methods to achieve this?

DO you want to improve your performance in your chosen sport but have stopped progressing and want advice on how you get to the next level?

If you have answered YES to any one of the 3 questions above, you are on the right page!

Online Coaching At A Glance

A Sample Of Phil Richard’s Training Videos

Phil training a female client for fat loss

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Online Coaching Sample Nutrition Plan

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Who Is Phil Richards?

Phil Richards coaching a group

Phil Richards is an expert on training, program design, nutrition, and supplementation. His CV is genuinely world class. If you want to find out more simply click the ‘About Phil’ page and you will be amazed to read his story.

Below are some of the athletes/teams Phil has worked with in the past.

Today Phil mainly works with members of the public who simply want to get leaner, fitter, and healthier.

Phil's Famous Coaching Clients
Phil's Famous Coaching Clients

What Phil’s Clients Say

Christopher McKaigue Testimonial Photo

The blood work and Phil’s knowledge of supplementation has been transformative

“I have found Phil’s expertise to have been extremely helpful at a time when I feared my career was over. The blood work and Phil’s knowledge of supplementation in how to aid that has been transformative for me. The program design of strength and conditioning carried out by Phil was also top class.”

Christopher McKaigue – Gaelic Footballer

Lisa McGurran Fast Loss Testimonial

The results after 12 weeks of Online Coaching with Phil

“I began Phil’s online coaching program in April of this year. Having worked in the health industry for 20 years myself I can’t express how helpful Phil’s coaching has been. I wish we had crossed paths earlier. Along with achieving the goals set out, he has been a wealth of knowledge and a driving force within my own career. If you are serious about optimising your health, reducing your risk of possible future illnesses or disease or are currently suffering with health issues then don’t give it a second thought. There is no price you can put on your health. It is an investment in the happiness of your future.”

Lisa McGurran – Personal Trainer

Caroline Stendall Personal Trainer Photo

I am thrilled with his coaching and my performance

“Phil and I started training together in about February this year with the goal of increasing my strength to get a better time at my 10 mile time trial on my bike. So far I have dropped 25 seconds off my overall time from my 2021 season, with another 15 seconds off my time at the weekend. I am stronger than I have ever been and looking to increase my strength going forward. Phil knows exactly what to do to get me there. I am thrilled with his coaching and my performance.”

Caroline Stendall – Personal Trainer

Adam Badaouni Testimonial Photo

Phil’s decades of experience come through from day one

“Phil’s decades of experience come through from day one. When I started working with Phil I was heavily overweight, I hadn’t been in a gym for 2 years and hadn’t worked out properly for 9 months. In the 12 weeks I’ve trained with Phil he’s managed to help me lose weight and get my fitness to levels I’ve never experienced before. Phil’s training is intense but always appropriate to the level I am at. He accounted for all the issues that cropped up during our time together, whether it was an injury or hitting the gym again after covid, the training was always intense but appropriate. Safe to say I’ll be signing up for another 12 weeks.”

Adam Badaoui

What Do You Get With Online Coaching?

From Phil’s extensive experience of over 35 years of training professional athletes & professional teams he’s amassed a wealth of knowledge & expertise to ensure he can help you reach your GOAL no matter what this is.

A bespoke online training plan. This is updated weekly and provides you with video demonstrations on how to complete each exercise. *

A bespoke nutrition plan. *

A bespoke supplement plan. *

Regular Zoom support with Phil to ensure you fully understand your program so you can carry it out safely and effectively, plus to allow him to answer any questions you may have.

The option for a one-on-one training session with Phil at a gym local to Phil.

* Your training, nutrition and supplement plan will be designed individually by Phil prior to commencement of your coaching. You will need to complete an online questionnaire around your current training patterns, nutrition, supplementation, and stress management to enable this to be designed tailored for your individual needs.

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Phil is currently offering 2 Online Coaching packages:

  • £300 for 4 weeks OR
  • £750 for 12 weeks

Please use the form to select and pay for the Online Coaching package you wish to book. After you have paid, Phil will contact you very shortly to get your coaching underway!