Why Lab Testing?

“Health is not valued till sickness comes.”
Thomas Fuller

I receive multiple calls and messages every week from people who ask, “What can I do to lose weight, get my health back or perform at a higher level in my sport?” My response is genuine when I reply, “I have absolutely no idea unless I look at your lab reports.” Why? Unless I know what, your laboratory results are, there is no way for me to identify exactly what steps you should take to improve your health, performance and body fat composition. For example, you may have leaky gut, high iron levels, low testosterone, low progesterone, high cortisol levels, insulin resistance, low growth hormone, high cholesterol, inflammation in the blood vessels, low vitamin C, high copper, low vitamin D, high CRP levels, fatty liver, low B12, low omega 3 fats and Hashimoto’s (a disease where the immune system attacks your thyroid gland). So, if this is you in this example how could I possibly know what nutrition, lifestyle and exercise recommendations to make for you to make a real difference for your health unless we look at your bloods & stool.

My observations over many years have led me to believe that there are a number of blood and gastrointestinal markers that if you can get in the optimum ranges then achieving optimum health, body fat composition and enhancing performance is virtually guaranteed.

“Having my bloods done with Phil Richards contributed significantly towards me becoming the World’s Strongest Man, from the very comprehensive blood chemistry analysis that Phil carries out he was able to advise me on exactly what supplements I needed and also the best nutritional strategies for maximising my performance”.
Eddie The Beast Hall – World’s Strongest Man

“I cannot recommend a consultation with Phil enough!

I booked my bloods as part of my health journey and I am speechless with the results. Phil’s analysis of the results is so detailed and at times surprising. Phil could pinpoint health issues I did not even doubt I could have and offered a nutrition and supplements program to challenge these issues. I have only been on the plans for a couple of weeks and I already feel so energised, I sleep like a baby and I wake up refreshed in the morning! I am so excited to see the progress over the next few months.”
Florence Corcelli

“After having struggled for months with my health, I knew something was up. I would train endlessly, push my limits, committed more than most and still was finding myself getting weaker and feeling less and less motivated each day. This was the time I decided enough was enough, having had my results from Phil only a month ago, I’m already feeling the best I have for years. The ability to zoom in and find out exactly what is wrong with you is priceless. I have and will recommend Phil to my friends and family as he literally has changed my energy for life.”
Martyn Ford (Bodybuilder & Actor)

“I had followed Phil‘s work for quite a few years and I had reached a point in my life where I didn’t want my health to go the same way as my parents and be on medication for the rest of my days. I had my bloods done and what Phil told me really made me sit up and take notice. My health really wasn’t as good as I’d hoped for. Amongst other things I had the lowest vitamin D levels he had ever seen! Bit of a shock to the system being honest. The scariest thing was I had no indication of anything underlying and I felt ok, but my bloods said otherwise. Thanks to Phil’s guidance and knowledge I’ve started to turn my health around. I realise it will take time to turn things around but that is exactly what I’m in the process of doing. I’m just glad that I contacted Phil when I did as I’d still be totally oblivious about what was happening to me. I have made a commitment to myself to get my bloods analysed every year or so. If you really want to know where your health is heading and how you can change it for the better then I can’t recommend Phil highly enough.”

Pamela Kalkett

I have developed The Ultimate Health, Fat Loss & Performance Panel for those who want to get safe, effective & long term RESULTS.



  • The Ultimate Health Panel

    £909 (plus £350 consultation fee)

    This is a very comprehensive health panel covering everything from advanced cardiovascular markers, liver and kidney health through to hormonal function plus much more.

    • 65 tests included
    • Including RBC Magnesium & Nagalase
    • 10-day turnaround

    Please enter discount code PRFDX on checkout to get the panel as the advertised price.

  • Stool Analysis plus Zonulin

    £405 (plus £100 consultation fee)

    GI360™ profile, an advanced, innovative, comprehensive and clinically-applicable stool profile to detect and assess the status of pathogen, viruses, parasites and bacteria that may be contributing to acute of chronic gastrointestinal symptoms and disease.

    • Multiple gastrointestinal tests included
    • Including Secretory IgA & Calprotectin
    • 14 day turnaround


Get your consultation set up and booked in by following the process below:

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