£1085 Lab Fee Plus £300 Consultation Fee With Phil Richards

Men usually don’t invest in their health we usually bury our heads and just get on with life hoping everything will be ok. We wouldn’t do that with our motor vehicles we put them through an MOT and service every year to ensure they don’t break down and we should do the same with our bodies and look after our health much more than we currently do so we don’t break down.

I have developed the Ultimate Male Health Panel from several years of studying blood chemistry analysis as well as carrying out hundreds of very comprehensive blood chemistry analysis on men from all walks of life to ensure if you have any potential health red flags that they are spotted in the bloods so the, appropriate action can be taken so you can then make the right choices to get your health back to an optimum state.

I’ve carried out blood chemistry analysis on many elite athletes from the world’s strongest man (video below), through to a plethora of professional athletes in multiple sports. The blood chemistry analysis leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that the athlete is on the right diet, supplements and if they are able to respond to training.

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I’ve looked at the bloods of men with different types of cancer from prostate, lung, stomach, liver and pancreatic cancer. The Ultimate Male Health Panel can clearly show how well your immune system is operating and also the level of inflammation in your body which can also indicate a compromised immune system along with your nutrient status.


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Over All Male Health

Those men looking for a comprehensive review of their overall current health status to ensure that there are no health red flags they need to be concerned with. This panel also looks at the health status of your prostate by looking at both your total and free PSA levels which are much more accurate than just looking at total PSA which is what most practitioner’s do.


Cardiovascular Health

Those men looking to see the health of their cardiovascular system. Heart disease is the biggest killer of men over 50 and is highly preventable. This panel will identify many blood markers related to cardiovascular disease which is primarily driven by inflammation, hormonal imbalance’s, toxicity and nutrient deficiencies.


Male Hormone Levels

Those men who want to see what’s going on with their hormones from their testosterone levels, DHT, DHEA levels, through to their growth hormone levels when these hormones are not optimum you will feel low emotionally and find it virtually impossible to gain muscle & lose fat.


Fat Loss And Muscle Gain

Those men looking to identify areas why they can’t lose fat and gain muscle and it’s much more than just optimising hormones. We know that certain nutrient deficiencies along with inflammation will have a severe effect on your ability to lose fat & gain muscle.


Athletic Performance

The male athlete who absolutely wants to take his performance to the next level this panel will 100% help you make the right nutrition choices, take the right supplements, create the right lifestyle habits and choose the right training for optimising bodyfat composition and performance no matter what your sport.


To view the whole blood panel list click on the image below…






So, in summary, your first consultation we will go through your lab results and that usually takes an hour then there will be another follow up consultation which will be approximately a 30-minute zoom meeting with myself, so we ensure you have all the information you need to change your health for the better.

Current Health Analysis

When you book your bloods, you will be sent a very comprehensive bespoke questionnaire to complete online designed by myself to ensure I know everything about your current health status. You will also be sent a 7 day food diary so I can assess your current dietary habits.

Dietary, Lifestyle, Supplement and Exercise Suggestions

From analysing your questionnaires and bloods, I will then be able to make the appropriate suggestions from a dietary, lifestyle, supplement and exercise perspective in helping you achieve your health goals.

2 Consultations with Phil

To ensure you fully understand your blood report and the necessary action you will need to take to ensure you get the most out of my expertise in interpreting your results there will be 2 consultations, the first one will be an hour which will involve going through your report. Then there will be a thirty minute follow up consultation to ensure you fully grasp the information.


Get your consultation set up and booked in by following the process below:

1. Contact Phil To Check Availability

Get in contact with Phil to check availability and to plan appropriate time of consultation/interpretation

2. Contact the Functional DX Lab

Purchase the blood panel test with partner lab Functional DX. Instructions will be included in kit

3. Find a local Phlebotomist

Find a local Phlebotomist local to you by clicking the link above and viewing a list of phlebotomists

4. Return Lab Blood Kit

Please click the icon above and download the return instructions. Please read and follow carefully.

5. Choose a Consultation Date

Contact Phil and book in a date for your consultation and interpretation of the blood test results


Consultation Fee of £300


A Year On In a Totally Different Place

“I had issues with chronic fatigue going back to 2004, after I had Mycoplasma Pneumonia whilst in Australia. I’d tried all kinds of treatments to get myself better, and had some periods where I thought I’d cracked it. But I slipped back into ill health in 2018. It got progressively worse in the years following until at Christmas 2020, I decided enough was enough. I’d been following Phil for years and bought a number of his books.

I’ve also been using the PRP supplements for years, on and off. I finally decided to take the plunge and get my Comprehensive Blood Chemistry and Stool Analysis done. I had 4 consultations with Phil to go through my results and figure out a tailored plan for lifestyle, exercise, nutrition and hydration. It took a while for the results to come. It wasn’t an overnight thing. But gradually, I started to see a significant shift. My energy came back and I was finally able to train. Having played Football and other sports at a reasonable level in my younger days, I had so missed being fit! Not just that, the illness had cost me relationships, and all kinds of things that most take for granted in life. I wasn’t able to push myself in the gym without burning out. Phil was able to give me clear guidance and I learned that not training was costing me more than training. It was about the way I train, eat and live my life.

Having the bloods done, meant there was no guesswork. I felt confident in the plan, although I did have some doubts in the first couple of months because I didn’t see the results I wanted. But here I am…a year on in a totally different place. I’m training 3-4 times a week, without burning out. I am able to work full time and have energy for a full family/social life (which I couldn’t do before). I’m very grateful to Phil for amassing such a wealth of knowledge and experience that has been so valuable to me. On top of that, and despite his no-nonsense approach, he really showed care and passion for my recovery. If you’re on the fence about doing the work with Phil, jump!”

Frankie Burrows – Ex-Swansea City Coach

Best self-Investment You Will Ever Make!

“I cannot thank Phil enough, fitter healthy and happier….. But how you may ask. My wife had struggled with tiredness, work related injuries and found super success with Phil, where medicine failed. We are a normal couple, not super fit or elite athletes we were just finding life tiring and thankfully Phil was recommended to us. My journey after 22 years in the Military was eye-opening, I thought I knew about fitness and nutrition…. I was very wrong. First step was a blood test, to find out the start point, the educational journey that followed was amazing, finding what my body needed and fuelling it correctly.

Had I continued life my way it would have been a disaster! The cost may look steep, but I took one look on the drive and wondered why the service of my car was costing more than a service of me!!! If you are thinking of blood test I can hand on heart say it’s the best self-investment you will ever make! Today is the very best version of you unless you change, take the first step and live longer!”

Andy McDonald – RAF Pilot

I’m already feeling the best I have for years

“After having struggled for months with my health, I knew something was up. I would train endlessly, push my limits, committed more than most and still was finding myself getting weaker and feeling less and less motivated each day. This was the time I decided enough was enough, having had my results from Phil only a month ago, I’m already feeling the best I have for years. The ability to zoom in and find out exactly what is wrong with you is priceless. I have and will recommend Phil to my friends and family as he literally has changed my energy for life.”

Martyn Ford – Bodybuilder & Actor

Phil Richards Contributed Significantly

Having my bloods done with Phil Richards contributed significantly towards me becoming the World’s Strongest Man, from the very comprehensive blood chemistry analysis that Phil carries out he was able to advise me on exactly what supplements I needed and also the best nutritional strategies for maximising my performance

Eddie The Beast Hall (Worlds Strongest Man)

I am so glad I had my bloods analysed by Phil Richards when I did!

I didn’t feel unwell and thought I was in ok shape, but I was wanting a health MOT. I got the biggest wake-up call ever when Phil told me what was happening inside my body. From that consultation forward I have made the changes he prescribed to me and I’m feeling better than I have in ages. I couldn’t say the last time I had a headache, my joints don’t ache anymore, my mental clarity is better as is my sleep. I have so much more energy and I feel happier. My shape has changed adding muscle and losing fat. Without Phil’s timely intervention I would still be a ticking time bomb. If you’re thinking of using Phil’s services then don’t hesitate as he’s the difference that makes the difference. His knowledge is second to none.”

John Allan


The results after seeing you have been nothing short of miraculous!

“For 12 months I had been having major problems with my breathing, excessive mucous production, skin and general wellbeing all of which severely compromised my athletic performance. As you know I’d seen and spent the best part of £3000 seeing privately various consultants none of which had any effect. When I came to see you I was probably at rock bottom, I’d gone from being a successful high performing cyclist to someone who’d get out of breath simply walking upstairs or walking to the end of the garden it was a complete nightmare and very worrying. Within one week of starting this program my health was measurably better and within a month I’d say I was 100% better. My wife noted a positive change in my personality and I just started to feel healthy again. The improvements to my health have been so noticeable that I’ve become somewhat of a walking advert for Phil Richard’s Performance. I have been actively singing your praises and people who know me can see a marked difference in my health so it’s kind of an easy sell. Thanks again for all your help and advice Phil, your knowledge and book are a revelation and I’m living proof that it works.”