£1065 Lab Fee Plus £300 Consultation Fee With Phil Richards

The 2 biggest challenges I have observed with women over several years is the inability to lose weight safely, effectively and long term. And, the second major challenge is around peri menopausal, going through the menopause and post menopause. 

For the 2 challenges mentioned above the medical system usually put women on low calorie diets for the weight loss which by the way fails in around 95% of women for so many biological reasons.

Secondly HRT is usually the answer the medical system will put women on for those that are struggling with the menopausal period of their lives and this again usually doesn’t resolve many of the health issues that women face during this transitional period and HRT as a number of potentially scientifically proven dire health consequences for women to.

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My 30 years of research, doing multiple courses and in the trenches, experience concludes It’s not just about your hormones whilst trying to lose weight or have a more comfortable passage through the menopausal period of one’s life. You must also address digestive issues, create a healthy gut microbiome, decrease your toxic overload, ensure your detoxification pathways are operating efficiently, address any nutritional deficiencies, decrease inflammation, enhance immunity, ensure you are optimally hydrated, overcome emotional issues, implement intelligent exercise strategies’ that deliver results and ensure you are having optimum sleep.

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Lose Body Fat Long Term

Those women looking to lose body fat safely, effectively and long term using scientifically proven methods to get lean.


Assisting Through The Menopause

Those women who want to transition through the peri and menopausal period with a real focus on optimising health, so this period doesn’t become so debilitating.



Those women who are post-menopausal and have lost their zest for life through not just a hormonal decline but a decline in overall health and muscle mass


Mental Well-Being

Those women struggling with depression the blood work can identify a lot of markers from hormones through to nutritional deficiencies which can significantly contribute to your mental well being.


Athletic Performance

The female athlete who absolutely wants to take her performance to the next level this panel will 100% help you make the right nutrition choices, take the right supplements, create the right lifestyle habits and choose the right training for optimising bodyfat composition and performance no matter what your sport.


To view the whole blood panel list click on the image below…

female blood panel list






So, in summary, your first consultation we will go through your lab results and that usually takes an hour then there will be another follow up consultation which will be approximately a 30-minute zoom meeting with myself, so we ensure you have all the information you need to change your health for the better.

Current Health Analysis

When you book your bloods, you will be sent a very comprehensive bespoke questionnaire to complete online designed by myself to ensure I know everything about your current health status. You will also be sent a 7 day food diary so I can assess your current dietary habits.

Dietary, Lifestyle, Supplement and Exercise Suggestions

From analysing your questionnaires and bloods, I will then be able to make the appropriate suggestions from a dietary, lifestyle, supplement and exercise perspective in helping you achieve your health goals.

2 Consultations with Phil

To ensure you fully understand your blood report and the necessary action you will need to take to ensure you get the most out of my expertise in interpreting your results there will be 2 consultations, the first one will be an hour which will involve going through your report. Then there will be a thirty minute follow up consultation to ensure you fully grasp the information.


Get your consultation set up and booked in by following the process below:

1. Contact Phil To Check Availability

Get in contact with Phil to check availability and to plan appropriate time of consultation/interpretation

2. Contact the Functional DX Lab

Purchase the blood panel test with partner lab Functional DX. Instructions will be included in kit

3. Find a local Phlebotomist

Find a local Phlebotomist local to you by clicking the link above and viewing a list of phlebotomists

4. Return Lab Blood Kit

Please click the icon above and download the return instructions. Please read and follow carefully.

5. Choose a Consultation Date

Contact Phil and book in a date for your consultation and interpretation of the blood test results


Consultation Fee of £300


This Has Been a Life Saver For Me

“Phil’s complete blood panel analysis has been a life saver for me… I’ve been challenged with migraines on and off for a long time, and couldn’t get to the bottom of what was causing them. I hate taking medication so would just take myself to bed for up to 12 hours until the migraine passed. I knew it was no way to live.. When I got my results Phil delivered them in his usual direct way “your hormones are on the floor”. No wonder I was getting migraines! A lack of oestrogen can often be the cause! I started straight away on a list of supplements recommended by Phil and body identical hormones. I’m diligent about taking them daily and grateful to finally be assessing what’s going on rather than just guessing.

I’ve spent years throwing money at the supplements I ‘thought’ I should be taking , and actually they were making no difference. Phil offers very clear , accurate and precise information – it’s like a clear window into the body ; total clarity! I’m blown away with all the information, and I’ve not had one migraine since. That in itself is worth its weight in gold. I’ll be going back to re-test in six months, and know it’s going to be a very different picture. Health is our wealth, I’m moving into the second part of my life excited to gain muscle in the gym and go for the high energy life I’m here to live!”

Ruth Goodwin

I now feel brighter, more relaxed and optimistic about the future

“My weight would yo yo despite eating a reduced carb and low-calorie diet and training excessively I was fighting a losing battle. When I started working with Phil and got my bloods done with him, I learned several valuable lessons. Firstly, our hormone systems are all interlinked so treating thyroid alone was not the answer. Secondly overtraining and under eating was making my problems worse. Thirdly stress and poor lifestyle choices were most likely underlying all my hormonal problems. I now feel brighter, more relaxed and optimistic about the future. I have seen my body become tighter and stronger. As someone who has suffered from body image and atypical eating disorders for most of my life feeling more content with myself is a big achievement. I know with Phil I can now achieve my goals.”

Dr Marie Cawley

I am well on the road to recovery after a couple of months...

“After years of feeling unwell and dealing with the NHS I was recommended to try Phil’s blood analysis service. I felt as if nothing had been joined up and there was no way of looking at all the symptoms I had and creating an accurate account of what was wrong with me. I must admit I felt a little bit scared at the fact that Phil was used to dealing with sports professionals, but I found his approach is positive and caring. Phil has a great understanding of the biological origins of illness as well as a holistic approach to wellbeing. I am well on the road to recovery after a couple of months and have been left with an all-round route to improving my health and quality of life.”

Sarah Bardle

I can’t recommend Phil highly enough

“I had followed Phil‘s work for quite a few years and I had reached a point in my life where I didn’t want my health to go the same way as my parents and be on medication for the rest of my days. I had my bloods done and what Phil told me really made me sit up and take notice. My health really wasn’t as good as I’d hoped for. Amongst other things I had the lowest vitamin D levels he had ever seen! Bit of a shock to the system being honest.

The scariest thing was I had no indication of anything underlying and I felt ok, but my bloods said otherwise. Thanks to Phil’s guidance and knowledge I’ve started to turn my health around. I realise it will take time to turn things around but that is exactly what I’m in the process of doing. I’m just glad that I contacted Phil when I did as I’d still be totally oblivious about what was happening to me. I have made a commitment to myself to get my bloods analysed every year or so. If you really want to know where your health is heading and how you can change it for the better then I can’t recommend Phil highly enough.”

Palmela Kalkett