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Fat loss panel phil richards

Designed by world-renowned strength, conditioning and nutrition expert Phil Richards

The Fat Loss Panel that Phil Richards has designed is for the person looking to lose excess body fat and gain muscle safely, effectively and long term. Phil’s Expertise is optimising healthfat loss, muscle gain & Performance and if you want results then stop guessing what your problem is and get your blood tested so that you know what the problem is so that you can identify areas that could be inhibiting your RESULTS!

The blood chemistry analysis and consultation will take away the guesswork regarding what is the optimum diet, supplements, lifestyle and training plan you need to drop excess body fat and gain muscle and get RESULTS.

“My weight would yo yo despite eating a reduced carb and low-calorie diet and training excessively I was fighting a losing battle. When I started working with Phil and got my bloods done with him, I learned several valuable lessons. Firstly, our hormone systems are all interlinked so treating thyroid alone was not the answer. Secondly overtraining and under eating was making my problems worse. Thirdly stress and poor lifestyle choices were most likely underlying all my hormonal problems. I now feel brighter, more relaxed and optimistic about the future. I have seen my body become tighter and stronger. As someone who has suffered from body image and atypical eating disorders for most of my life feeling more content with myself is a big achievement. I know with Phil I can now achieve my goals.”



✔ The athlete who wants to consistently perform at the highest level of their sport and for that to happen having optimum health and body fat composition is absolutely essential.

✔ Anyone wanting to improve their health & bodyfat composition this panel is not just for high performing athletes.

✔ The menopausal woman struggling with weight gain as her hormones shift more towards fat storage and away from fat burning and building muscle.

✔ The middle-aged man who’s anabolic (muscle building) hormones are falling off a cliff and doesn’t know how to get them back in the optimal ranges so he can maintain his health, libido and muscle mass as he ages.

✔ The person who has tried every diet under the sun and nothing seems to work long term and they have no idea why.

✔ The person who wants to build an awesome physique and wants to find out what their current health and hormonal status is so they can make the necessary changes to ensure they are creating the right environment for muscle growth to take place whilst stimulations fat loss.

From the blood chemistry analysis that Phil performs he can see for example what hormones you are struggling with and what other blood markers like inflammation, digestion and detoxification that could be hindering your results.  

Phil has written one of the most comprehensive books on fat loss with over 730 pages of scientifically reference material which took over 10 years of very intense research gathering information from his time working as a leading strength and conditioning coach in elite sport.

science of fat loss book reviews

After 10 years in working in professional sport, Phil then spent 2006-07 season working with 3 teams Leicester Tigers (Professional Rugby Union), Wigan Warriors (Professional Rugby League) and Bolton Wanderers (Premiership Football) purely as an expert on fat loss ensuring players got as lean as their position and sport demanded. This is when Phil realised that hormone imbalances, dehydration, stress, toxins & endocrine-disrupting chemicals are all contributing significantly to inhibiting fat loss, gaining muscle and performance.

Losing excess fat is much more complex than eating less and moving more I was working with players training up to 9 times per week and playing sport at the highest level who still couldn’t lose excess body fat and some even got fatter as the season went on and I know as I would do their body fat levels every week. Acquiring optimum body fat composition is linked much more to what we eat, what we think, what we drink, our environment internal and external and the people we surround ourselves.

“I have known Phil now for a number of years. His drive, passion and commitment to be the best far exceeds that of his peers. Over the past 15 years Phil has tirelessly sought out the best practitioners worldwide to learn from, all at his own expense. I can confidently say that he is now at the forefront of conditioning and nutrition practices both in professional sport and respective to general health of the public. I had the pleasure of working closely with Phil during the 2006-7 season as Leicester Tigers almost became the first club to win every available trophy, narrowly missing this goal by losing the final game of the season. Phil’s contribution that season was invaluable. I would highly recommend Phil to any sporting organization in the world today.”


phil richards books

It was whilst writing his books, looking at multiple blood and stool markers with people from all walks of life and carrying out extensive research that Phil discovered that there are a number of blood and gastrointestinal markers that if you get in the optimal ranges then acquiring optimum health and bodyfat composition is so much more attainable for everyone.


Phil putting Eddie Hall through a conditioning session

Having my bloods done with Phil Richards contributed significantly towards me becoming the World’s Strongest Man, from the very comprehensive blood chemistry analysis that Phil carries out he was able to advise me on exactly what supplements I needed and also the best nutritional strategies for maximising my performance”. EDDIE THE BEAST HALL – WORLD’S STRONGEST MAN 2017


✔ Current Health Analysis

When you book your bloods, you will be sent a very comprehensive bespoke questionnaire to complete online designed by myself to ensure I know everything about your current health status.

✔ Dietary, Lifestyle, Supplement and Exercise Suggestions

From analysing your questionnaire and bloods, I will then be able to make the appropriate suggestions from a dietary, lifestyle, supplement and exercise perspective in helping you achieve your health & body fat composition goals.

✔ 4 Consultations with Phil

To ensure you fully understand your blood report and the necessary action you will need to take to ensure you get the most out of my expertise in interpreting your results there will be 4 consultations over a 4-week period.

✔ Online Food Diary

You will also need to fill in a 7-day food diary online every week so I can observe your current dietary habits and adjust where I feel you could make improvements ensuring that you achieve your goals.

So, in summary, your first consultation we will go through your lab results and that usually takes an hour then there will be 3 more follow up consultations which will be 30-minute zoom meetings with myself, so we ensure you have all the information you need to change your health and fat loss for the better.


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Phil training Martyn Ford

“After having struggled for months with my health, I knew something was up. I would train endlessly, push my limits, committed more than most and still was finding myself getting weaker and feeling less and less motivated each day. This was the time I decided enough was enough, having had my results from Phil only a month ago, I’m already feeling the best I have for years. The ability to zoom in and find out exactly what is wrong with you is priceless. I have and will recommend Phil to my friends and family as he literally has changed my energy for life.”



Below are the tests on the bespoke Fat Loss & Muscle Gain Panel that Phil Richards put together after extensive research on what markers you need in the optimum range if you want RESULTS:

This panel looks at everything from leptin which is the hormone that has been shown in carefully controlled human studies to be responsible for our body fat levels. The panel also looks at our hormones from both an ability to lose fat, store fat but also from our potential to build muscle. Building muscle is absolutely essential for losing fat and if for example you have low IGF 1, low testosterone, low progesterone, high cortisol levels, insulin resistance, poor thyroid function, low omega 3 fats, low vitamin D & low vitamin C which by the way I see very often then you literally have no chance of dropping fat & gaining muscle safely, effectively and especially long term.

There is no doubt that hormonal imbalances drive obesity but there are also many other factors like toxicity, poor digestive health, poor detoxification, inflammation and nutrient deficiencies that all contribute significantly to obesity. The fat loss panel looks at the above in great detail giving you the information you need to get lean, healthy and optimise performance.


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Please enter discount code ‘PRFDX’ on checkout in the link below to get the panel as the advertised price.



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