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Don’t be an average trainer, become an awesome trainer with the Science Of Fat Loss Certification Course

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The Science Of Fatloss Online Certification Course Sets a Certain Standard Of Personal Trainer

The science of fat loss certification course combines cutting edge science presented in a very easy to understand language along with an abundance of practical experience gained from Phil’s 30 plus years training people from all walks of life which will give you the tools to get RESULTS with every client you work with.

I (Phil Richards) see the science of fat loss course as being one of the most valuable certifications that a trainer can have for the simple reason that literally 99% of people go the gym to lose weight so you better ensure you have that genuine expertise on the subject if you want safe, effective and long term RESULTS.

The science of fat loss certification course will set new standards in the fitness industry that if you want RESULTS then you need to be far more than just a trainer today. For example, whether you are working with a young elite athlete who wants to get leaner for their sport through to the overweight menopausal female who can’t stop piling the pounds on even though she’s eating less and exercising more they both want the same results to get leaner but you will need completely different strategies to get them there and this course will give you that knowledge to do so.


The most effective way to lose excess fat safely, effectively and long term is to focus on optimising your health and building muscle and this is what this course will teach you. This is the exact opposite message of what’s been given for decades by the medical and weight loss industry which banged on repeatedly to reduce your calories and exercise more trust me this doesn’t build health and it won’t build muscle which is why this message has failed miserably for so many people and for so many years.


We have a plethora of misinformation out there today on how to achieve a healthy body weight and remember there is a big difference between weight loss and fat loss. Why? Weight loss can mean muscle loss, glycogen (stored carbohydrate) loss, for every gram of glycogen you lose you will lose 3 grams of water. Also when your body loses weight especially quickly it will increase our muscle breakdown hormones, decrease our muscle building hormones and crash our metabolism which can last for many years after the diet is over this often leads to a skinnier fatter version of ourselves the longer and more often you keep dieting. Once people become obese, their bodies are programmed to regain any weight they manage to lose and this cutting-edge course will give you all the information you need on how to lose this excess fat safely, effectively and long term by focusing on building health and building muscle.

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So, when I use the term body composition it refers to us achieving optimal metabolism, increasing our metabolically active fat burning muscle tissue whilst lowering our body fat % into the healthy zone. The Science Of Fat Loss Course was born out of my 30 plus years of training people from all walks of life from Olympic athletes, professional teams, professional athletes in multiple sports through to members of the public who simply just want to acquire better health and lose weight. My conclusion over this time period is very simple you must achieve optimum health both physically and emotionally and focus on building muscle if you are to successfully lose excess body fat. We don’t have an over fat society we have a under muscled malnourished society.


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This is Melinda Cooksey. Melinda was previously an elite athlete so I could push her to the maximum over a 28-day period. As you can see the RESULTS were spectacular which were gained through hard work in the gym and the emphasis was to build as much muscle as we could plus we combined the weights with HIIT work on the running track, along with an individualised nutrition and supplement plan. Her program will be covered in the course.


I truly believe that this is the most advanced course available anywhere in the world on how to achieve optimum body composition. The course information is not only the accumulation of my 30 plus years of training people at all levels and from all backgrounds but also participating in multiple courses on nutrition, hormones, cell biology, detoxification, mitochondria, immunology, gut microbiome, blood chemistry analysis and a plethora of strength & conditioning courses. I also travelled extensively throughout the world in my quest to acquire the best knowledge available and interned with many world leading experts in the field of strength training, nutrition, body fat composition, blood chemistry analysis & hormones.

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I am the author of 4 books including my best-selling science of fat loss book known by many trainers as the bible of fat loss which I published in 2014

“Phil Richards Science Of Fat Loss Book is one of the best books I’ve read on the subject and every trainer should read this book



Science Of Fat Loss course will also contain some of the most valuable research from the 4 books I’ve written which are my ultimate strength & conditioning book, science of fat loss book, high intensity interval training book and STOP Killing Yourself With Your Knife, Fork & Thoughts book. These books took me many years to write for example the Science Of Fat Loss book alone took 10 years of information gathering whilst I worked as a head strength & conditioning coach in professional sport and in one of those years, I was employed by 3 professional teams which were a premiership football team, a premiership rugby union team and a team in the super league (rugby league) purely as a consultant to optimise body fat % amongst the players.


I would regularly carry out over 130 body fat composition tests per week on these players and had to come up with various strategies for those players who were struggling to get into the optimum body fat % range for their sport and position so they could achieve better performance. It’s fair to say I learnt a lot that year and in particular how ineffective exercise is at dropping body fat no matter how hard or how often you are training you must get everything else right in your life if you are going to get lean from your health, lifestyle and emotional well-being relying on exercise only will fail miserably for most people.

Remember exercise is a stressor and if you are being bombarded by multiple stressors in your life then the likelihood of you responding to exercise in a positive way is very unlikely you simply train but do not gain.

“I have known Phil now for a number of years. His drive, passion and commitment to be the best far exceeds that of his peers. Over the past 15 years Phil has tirelessly sought out the best practitioners worldwide to learn from, all at his own expense. I can confidently say that he is now at the forefront of conditioning and nutrition practices both in professional sport and respective to general health of the public.

I had the pleasure of working closely with Phil during the 2006-7 season as Leicester Tigers almost became the first club to win every available trophy, narrowly missing this goal by losing the final game of the season. Phil’s contribution that season was invaluable. I would highly recommend Phil to any sporting organization in the world today.”


phil internship and calipers

Here I’m pictured on the left teaching my students how to use body fat calliper’s correctly and, on the right, I’m looking at Amir Khan’s (World Boxing Champion) blood under a microscope. I was also Amir’s strength & conditioning coach for a number of fights and would regularly get him down to 5% body fat.

Don’t be an average trainer, become an awesome trainer with the Science Of Fat Loss Certification Course


Stop using the shotgun approach to diet and exercise with your clients you must understand that without correct lab testing with your clients you are always guessing on what the correct nutrition, supplement and exercise program is. STOP guessing and START testing.

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Blood Chemistry And Stool Analysis

Over the last several years I have completed multiple courses on blood chemistry and stool analysis and have analysed many hundreds of people’s bloods and stool from the world’s strongest man through to women struggling with weight gain as they are going through the menopause and literally everything in between. The lab testing really does takes away the guesswork from what the optimum diet should be for a person to follow not only to achieve better health but to able to lose fat and gain muscle. And, trust me it is very different for every single person you will ever train but yet usually the fitness world or medical system will treat everyone with the same dietary and exercise protocol to lose weight it maybe but there is very often no consideration for the incredible biochemical individuality people have. You can easily have someone who absolutely thrives on copious amounts of carbohydrates and eats really low amounts of fat and gets really lean and on the flipside another client will get super lean on a very high protein and a low carb diet. The blood and stool work will tell you whether the diet your client is currently on is moving them towards health and optimum body composition or moving them towards obesity, diabetes and ill health.

From my clinical analysis and extensive research, I have also come to the conclusion that there are a number of blood and stool markers that if you get in the optimal range no matter what your age, sex or goal is then achieving optimal health and body composition is so much more achievable. Throughout the course I will teach you what these markers are, and this is definitely one of the most important discoveries in my 30 plus years as a high-performance coach and by the way I have made every mistake in the book on my way to discovering what works and what doesn’t to get people leaner and healthier.

“Having my bloods done with Phil Richards contributed significantly towards me becoming the World’s Strongest Man, from the very comprehensive blood chemistry analysis that Phil carries out he was able to advise me on exactly what supplements I needed and also the best nutritional strategies for maximising my performance”.



Here are the 12 seminars that will be covered in the science of fat loss certification course and for the first batch of trainers that enrol (ONLY 5) I personally take you through each seminar on zoom so you fully understand the content being taught to you and if you have any questions then you can fire away during the seminar.

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SEMINAR 1: Why counting calories and exercising more fails miserably for so many people who are trying to achieve safe, effective and long-term fat loss?

Don’t focus on counting calories and trying to burn the fat off with cardio for weight loss focus instead on building muscle and optimizing hormones. Obesity is primarily due to hormonal imbalances not calorific imbalances. Also, there are huge individual responses that people have to foods from a hormonal perspective and I give you all the research on this in this seminar.  Even the same meal with the same calories can have a completely different metabolic effect on our bodies eaten at different times of the day. Don’t base your hope for getting lean on counting calories focus more on achieving optimal health and especially hormonal balance. Remember it is our hormones that will decide whether you gain fat, lose fat, gain muscle or lose muscle and a calorie from a doughnut is going to have a completely different biological effect on your hormones than a calorie from whey protein. There is also a massive genetic difference amongst individuals towards becoming obese and this is often overlooked when it comes to fat loss. From an evolutionary perspective we have also endured a couple of very surprising gene mutations over 40 million years which made us very effective at storing fat and there are a few nutrients which can switch these genes off making fat loss much more achievable.

SEMINAR 2: Our brain is the only organ in our body that determines our fatness level and if you want to get lean and healthy you better know how this system works or you will struggle all your life with your weight.

I can say with 100% certainty if you don’t acquire optimal brain health which is very difficult to do today in our toxic and nutrient deficient diets then you will find it very difficult to achieve a healthy body composition. Surprisingly your gut health will also have a big impact on your brain health they really do work in synergy and you’ll learn how these organs interact with each other. You will also learn the incredible dirty tricks that the food industry makes to keep us addicted to their processed malnourished toxic foods to keep us coming back for more as we get sicker, fatter and dumber. There are a number of blood markers from hormones through to certain nutrients especially omega 3 fatty acids that can indicate how well your brain is functioning.

SEMINAR 3: Insulin is a hormone that can make us lean and muscular or fat and flabby, so you really want to get insulin on your side if you want to get lean and healthy.

Unfortunately, insulin resistance is a primary contributing factor behind our obesity and diabetes epidemic but thankfully can be very easily resolved through proper nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle and exercise especially building muscle. Insulin resistance simply means the cells have stopped responding to the message that insulin is sending them which is to store nutrients that’s what insulin does it’s a storage hormone. The surprising thing that you will learn in this seminar is what is the main cause of insulin resistance and its not an over consumption of carbohydrates as what most people think including doctors and endocrinologists though carbohydrates in excess can contribute. There are a number of very important blood tests which can clearly see if you are moving towards insulin resistance or diabetes both type 1 and 2.

SEMINAR 4: The very disturbing role that toxins, pesticides and endocrine disruptors are playing in our obesity and diabetes epidemic

We are literally exposed to thousands of man-made toxins daily which are significantly contributing to our obesity and diabetes epidemic through many different mechanism’s which you’ll learn about in this seminar. Toxins can even stimulate the body to lay down extra fat without there being any extra calories consumed. Also, toxins have a very debilitating effect on how our hormones communicate with our cells and these are known as endocrine disrupting chemicals and you’ll become very familiar with them in this seminar. Also, If you lose weight quickly without a proper detoxification program in place the research clearly shows that this can have a devastating effect on your health and can also crush your thyroid function long term to. So, detoxification is absolutely essential today in acquiring optimum body fat composition as well as optimum health and you’ll learn what the most scientifically proven methods are for detoxification. There are a number of blood and stool markers which will clearly show how well you are detoxing through the liver, kidney and stool and I’ll explain what these are in this seminar.

SEMINAR 5: Why the health of your digestive system plays such a massive role in our ability to build muscle and lose fat

You will learn why in this seminar the importance of having optimum stomach acid, bile production, pancreatic function and a healthy gut microbiome is absolutely fundamental if you want to gain muscle and lose excess fat. For example, you can do a faecal transplant from an obese patient place that sample into a lean patient and after a few months the lean patient through no change in their diet or exercise programs starts to gain weight. Also, if you have low stomach acid and poor enzyme production from the pancreas you will struggle significantly to break down food to use as fuel and for building muscle and I’ll explain what the most effective lab tests are for detecting what your current health of you digestive system is. Blood and stool testing will clearly indicate how healthy your digestive system is functioning and I will explain clearly which tests are the most accurate and why.

SEMINAR 6: Nutritional cardiology focuses in on building healthy blood, blood vessels and a healthy heart

Why? For nutrients and hormones to be efficiently carried around our bodies and delivered to our trillions of cells it is totally dependent on the health of our cardiovascular system. Also for example the health of your red blood cells will determine how much oxygen your cells will receive to make ATP (energy) so you better know how to build healthy red blood cells and trust me it takes much more than iron and ironically high iron levels are genuinely catastrophic for our health and very common amongst the people I test in my clinic. Unfortunately, many things today can significantly decrease the health of our cardiovascular system from nutrient deficiencies, toxicity, stress and inflammation. This is a ground – breaking seminar that will also reveal the most important blood tests you need to get in the optimal range to ensure you have good cardiovascular health and cholesterol isn’t one of them.

SEMINAR 7: Why optimising your steroid hormones will significantly increase your ability to lose fat and gain muscle

On a daily basis I see both male and female clients from all ages with chronically low amounts of steroid hormones and this will make losing fat and gaining muscle virtually impossible no matter how hard you train or what diet you are following. Also learn why females store more weight around their hips & bum in their pre – menopausal years but when they start going through the menopause the fat accumulates primarily around the abdominal area and what you can do to prevent that from happening. And, why men primarily store their fat around their abdominal area. You will also learn what are the best strategies to shift excess fat from this area which is also very detrimental to overall health both male and female. There are certain nutritional deficiencies too that will crush your ability to make steroid hormones along with toxins and we will cover this in great depth in this seminar. Also blood testing is absolutely essential if you want to see if your client will respond to exercise if they have low levels of testosterone, low progesterone, low oestrogen, low DHEA, low DHT and high SHBG which by the way I see very regular with my clients regardless of age or sex the likelihood of them responding to exercise in regards to building muscle losing fat is exceptionally small to zero until you get these hormones but in the optimal ranges.

SEMINAR 8: Our thyroid hormones play a massive role in our ability to turn food into fuel and optimise and increase our mitochondria where around 95% of our energy is produced

Our thyroid hormones drive our metabolism but unfortunately there are so many factors in our food, environment and toxins that can significantly inhibit thyroid function leading to weight gain through to depression. Even the health of your liver and gut microbiome will contribute significantly to how well your thyroid hormones function and I’ll explain this fascinating connection in this seminar. I will also give you all the information you need to ensure your thyroid is functioning at optimum levels to keep you lean and explain what blood tests are needed to accurately assess your current thyroid state. Thyroid disorders are very often missed by conventional testing for so many reason s that will be covered in this seminar.

SEMINAR 9: The importance of sleep, growth hormone and melatonin for optimising our metabolism, building muscle and losing fat

There are zero calories in sleep, but you only need a couple of poor night sleeps in a row and you will gain weight without consuming any extra food and there is a ton of scientific research which clearly shows this to be the case. Growth hormone is especially effective at targeting abdominal fat and there are so many factors that will interfere with your growth hormone production and you need to know what they are to ensure you optimise one of our most important hormones for optimising our body composition especially around our abdominal area. Melatonin is very rarely mentioned in the fat loss world even though it plays a major role not only as our sleep hormone but also stimulating brown fat metabolism. This seminar will teach you how to optimise your sleep, growth hormone and melatonin production which will significantly help you win your battle to get lean and healthy. There are some very valuable blood markers that can see clearly if you are producing optimum amounts of growth hormone as well as getting adequate sleep.

SEMINAR 10: Building muscle is one of the most important things you MUST do to ensure you lose excess body fat for both male and female

In this seminar you will learn how to optimise muscle protein synthesis through the mammalian target of rapamycin (Mtor) pathway which is one of the most important cell signalling pathways for muscle growth. And you’ll learn why as you get older you must increase your protein intake primarily from animal sources to stimulate Mtor and prevent sarcopenia (muscle wasting). I will also give you the most up to date scientifically researched information on how to decrease myostatin. Myostatin is the greatest single catabolic-limiting factor of muscle growth, athletic performance, and aging. In short, myostatin exists in our bodies and basically works to limit muscle growth, muscle tone, strength, and body shape. I will also go through the importance of pre – during and post workout nutrition in this seminar as this will contribute significantly to you losing fat and gaining muscle. There are lots of blood markers that can tell us if you are consuming enough protein to stimulate Mtor plus also some nutrient markers which need to be in the optimal ranges to have an effect on decreasing myostatin.

SEMINAR 11: Learn what are the most effective training methods, exercises, sets, reps, tempo and rest periods for building muscle and losing fat

I will give you the absolute latest cutting-edge useable information on muscle hypertrophy not only from the scientific literature but also my 30 plus years working as an elite strength and conditioning coach training professional athletes in almost every sport. Muscle is our largest organ in the body for fat burning and glucose disposal you MUST build muscle to LOSE FAT no matter what your age or sex. There is also a new benefit for muscle which hasn’t long been discovered and that is the benefit it has on enhancing our immunity too. Also, sarcopenia is a massive concern for the over 40 plus client which means muscle loss through ageing and in this seminar as well as through this whole course you’ll have a plethora of strategies to prevent and reverse sarcopenia. 

SEMINAR 12: Creating the right mindset for achieving optimum health, optimum body fat composition and achieving our purpose and goals in life.

Our thoughts can have a profound effect on our health good or bad and in this seminar, I will give you the absolute science on how our thoughts affect our physiology. For example, chronic prolonged stress as been shown to increase the number of stem cells you convert into fat cells which could have become muscle cells or other cells. Yes, stress can make you fat, so it is essential that you control stress if you want to achieve optimum body composition. Our thoughts can also heal and repair us or break us down and cause disease so learn to be conscious of your thoughts and get them working for you and not against you most people today are experts at self – sabotage. You will also learn how to create the right mindset to train with intensity and purpose 99% of people who train in gyms today fail to get results quite simply because they train with so little intensity or purpose. Whether I’m training an Olympic athlete, the worlds strongest man or Mary who’s a menopausal woman I expect the same effort in training, and I expect nothing less than 100%.



Quite simply the trainer/coach who really wants to understand the science of building muscle and losing fat because let’s face it that’s what 99% of people who exercise want no matter what their age, sex, goal or sport is. This course will give you a level of knowledge that will significantly improve your RESULTS.


Remember don’t be an average trainer the fitness industry is fully loaded with average trainers become an awesome trainer that really does make a difference.


The course is based on the above 12 seminars you can do them weekly if you want too but there can be some flexibility too whether you are away or I’m away. Remember I personally take you through the seminar on zoom this is ONLY available for this first group of trainers.


Know how to get anyone lean no matter what their current health or body fat status is!

ONLY £599 I was advised by multiple businesses – people and trainers who have worked with me to charge a much higher price for this course and I genuinely mean much higher, but I wanted to make it available to all trainers/coaches who want to excel in their careers and are fed up with being average with average results.


Please contact Phil prior to booking online to check course availability and dates


 Only £599 for 12 online seminars