“Phil made me not only think more, but also take action on my eating habits and training methods and opened my eyes to a whole new approach to being the best I could be. Too often athletes don’t consider the importance of nutrition and what effect this can have on their performance. Working with Phil made me approach how I ate in a completely different way and I benefited from it hugely becoming faster, stronger and a healthier person and athlete.

Phil’s approach to strength work resulted in me changing how I programmed my triathlon training schedules and as a result saw improvements. Understanding the importance of absolute strength as well as sport specific work and energy systems again made me not only a better athlete when I was racing but also now as a triathlon coach helping others. Phil’s knowledge is second to none and someone I will always be grateful for and continue to follow as he continually researches and improves his knowledge which is for the benefit of everyone else. Thanks Phil, you passion and ‘no BS’ approach to nutrition and strength is what makes you one of the only ‘real people’ in the industry and why you get the results.”