The 28-day Health & Fat Loss Transformation Plan

With Phil Richards World Renown High-Performance Health, Nutrition & Strength Coach


This is Melinda Cooksey. Melinda was previously an elite athlete so I could push her to the maximum over a 28-day period. As you can see the RESULTS were spectacular which were gained through hard work in the gym and on the running track, along with a high protein low carbohydrate diet with optimum recovery.

If you genuinely want to improve your health, fat loss & performance then you are definitely on the right page especially if you want safe, effective & long-term RESULTS.

1. Why did you join?

Struggling to get a clear strategy and results on how to lose fat and get an optimal hormonal balance when in the early 50s.To create a supplement plan that is optimised for me based on my blood tests and see what needed to change about my nutrition rather than assuming what to do. Attended Phil’s seminars in the past and felt very confident he would have the depth of knowledge needed compared to GPs I had seen even those GP’s that are trained as menopause specialists.


2. What have you learnt ? 

Lots! Phil is able to draw on the latest research and use that to pinpoint with accuracy what areas in my bloods needed the highest priority and it’s not always what you think it will be !!   – He does make the science of hormones easier to understand and give a joined-up picture to all the other health markers in the blood results, the 4 weeks meant it was not overwhelming and we worked on one key area at a time so it all made sense. The key learning point is that there is far more to fat loss as a midlife woman that just blaming it on your hormones or assuming you can get a quick fix  – when you truly understand what is going on with your body you can make effective change.


3. How is this going to transform your health in the long term? 

Significantly!  Noticed differences within the first week once started taking supplements in the correct dosage  – even ones I was taking already, making what was actually quite a simple change in my nutrition Phil recommended has made a big change.
For the long term knowing you have strategies based on your individual blood chemistry and latest research makes transformation easy and you will get results opposed to just assuming what you should do and then getting frustrated that nothing changes.


4. Would you recommend to a friend? 

Absolutely! Already have and she has started her journey back to optimum health with Phil’s support


Jayne Hume (Women’s Wellness Coach)

World-Renowned Author And Health & Fat Loss Expert

Here is my (Phil Richards) Science Of Fat Loss Book which is 730 pages and took over 10 years to write and is the go to book for thousands of trainers worldwide as their reference for cutting edge information on health & fat loss. The 10 habits were:

– The Further We Move Away From Nature The Fatter We Become
– Detoxification Is Essential For Optimum Fat Loss
– Change Your Brain Change Your Weight
– Hormones, Mitochondria And Metabolism
– The Thyroid: Master Of Metabolism
– Anabolism Vs Catabolism
– Growth Hormone, Insulin, Sunshine & Sleep
– Nutritional Cardiology
– Nutrient Timing & Recovery
– Getting The Most Out Of Your Exercise Program

“Phil Richards Science Of Fat Loss Book is one of the best books I’ve read on the subject and every trainer should read this book”.

Dr Eric Serrano (World Leading Hormonal Expert)

Improve your health & fat loss in just 28-days with my transformation plan working with myself who has spent over 30 years studying and also working at the highest level of professional sport where I had to get RESULTS. To acquire optimum body fat composition, you MUST acquire optimum health first. And 99.9% of people simply do not know how to lose excess body fat safely, effectively & long term but you will when you invest in this transformation plan.



✔ Current Health Analysis

You will be sent a very comprehensive bespoke questionnaire to complete online designed by myself to ensure I know everything about your current health status.

✔ Dietary, Lifestyle, Supplement and Exercise Suggestions

From analysing your questionnaire, I will be able to make the appropriate suggestions from a dietary, lifestyle, supplement and exercise perspective in helping you achieve your health and fat loss goals.

✔ Online Food Diary

You will also need to fill in a 7-day food diary online every week so I can observe your current dietary habits and adjust where I feel you could make improvements ensuring that you achieve your goals.

✔ Weekly Check-In With Phil On Zoom

So, every week you will have a 30-minute zoom meeting with myself, so we ensure you have all the information you need to change your health for the better.



I’ve just finished the 28-day health and fat loss transformation plan with Phil Richards. To say it was worth it would be a big understatement!

I had trained my ass off for six months and thought I was eating the correct diet but not seeing any results. I decided to try Phil‘s transformation plan. Phil corrected my diet and completely changed my supplement plan and the way I trained I started to lose fat and gain muscle within the first few weeks. after the 28 days, I feel great and know what to eat and how to train to get the best results.
There is so much conflicting information in the Health and Fitness industry it’s easy to get lost. Phil, in my opinion, is the most knowledgeable health and strength and conditioning expert in the country. You can’t argue with the results!

Thank you, Phil, for your help. I’m looking forward to learning more from you in the future!

Norris Wood

World-Class Strength, Conditioning & Nutritional Coach

My role as an elite strength, conditioning & nutritional coach in professional sport was to ensure that the athletes I worked with were not only superbly conditioned, but they also had to have optimum body fat composition for their sport. During my quest for RESULTS I had to become an expert in the field of blood chemistry analysis, stool analysis, fat loss, muscle physiology, performance nutrition, supplementation, cellular health, gut health, disease prevention, hormones, detoxification, strength, conditioning and program design.

phil internship and calipers


Here I’m pictured on the left teaching my students how to use body fat calliper’s correctly and, on the right, I’m looking at Amir Khan’s (World Boxing Champion) blood under a microscope. I was also Amir’s strength & conditioning coach for a number of fights and would regularly get him down to 5% body fat.



And, no you don’t have to be an elite athlete to work with me but you MUST be willing to change or I’m not the coach for you. So if you genuinely want the information and guidance to optimise your health & bodyfat composition then join me for 4 x 30-minute zoom consultations over a 28-day period where I will provide you with an everything you need to know to improve your health and drop your body fat %.

Nina Ross Training

Here is Nina Ross who I used to train and would have to get down to very low body fat levels for her sport and with Nina, I would regularly rotate exercises, sets, reps, rest periods, tempo, training days and even training locations. This ensures not only variety, so she didn’t stagnate but also mental stimulation.



✔  The person who keeps piling weight on and as no idea why or to lose it safely, effectively and long term.

✔ The athlete who knows that if they can improve their health & body fat composition then they will significantly improve their performance.

✔ From the person who is just not happy with their current health status whether that’s just feeling constantly tired through to someone struggling with bouts of depression.

✔ The middle-age person whose hormones are falling off a cliff along with their health and are absolutely lost on what direction they need to take on reclaiming their health and energy levels.

✔ The peri, menopausal or post-menopausal woman who is piling the weight on, struggling with sleep and getting more agitated with their mood swings.

✔ The person who is struggling with health issues whether that being diabetes, depression through to heart disease and cancer and just want some more information that can help improve their current health status.

Stop Killing Yourself With Your Knife, Folk and Thoughts Book

This is me holding my 4th book titled “STOP Killing Yourself With Your Knife, Fork & Thoughts”. It took me 3 years of full-time research to put this 750-page book together.

The subjects I looked into were:

1. What is the optimum diet for humans to achieve vibrant health and bodyfat composition?

2. What are the primary causes of cancer and how to prevent cancer?

3. What is causing brain degeneration from Alzheimer’s through to depression and what are the best strategies to ensure you have optimum brain health & function?

4. Why is cardiovascular disease still such a massive killer which is a very preventable disease?

5. What is the real reason for our epidemic of obesity and diabetes and what are the most effective measures to prevent this from happening to you?

6. What effect do our thoughts have on our health and I was absolutely floored by what my research uncovered in this chapter?

During my research for my ‘STOP Killing Yourself With Your Knife, Fork & Thoughts’ book I discovered that there are a number of blood & stool markers that if you get in the optimal ranges then acquiring optimal health, bodyfat composition & performance is just so much easier.

blood test

“The results after seeing you have been nothing short of miraculous! For 12 months I had been having major problems with my breathing, excessive mucous production, skin and general wellbeing all of which severely compromised my athletic performance. As you know I’d seen and spent the best part of £3000 seeing privately various consultants none of which had any effect. When I came to see you I was probably at rock bottom, I’d gone from being a successful high performing cyclist to someone who’d get out of breath simply walking upstairs or walking to the end of the garden it was a complete nightmare and very worrying.

Within one week of starting this program my health was measurably better and within a month I’d say I was 100% better. My wife noted a positive change in my personality and I just started to feel healthy again. The improvements to my health have been so noticeable that I’ve become somewhat of a walking advert for Phil Richard’s Performance. I have been actively singing your praises and people who know me can see a marked difference in my health so it’s kind of an easy sell.

Thanks again for all your help and advice Phil, your knowledge and book are a revelation and I’m living proof that it works.”

Lee Proctor PhD (Pharmacist)

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Take action now and invest JUST £300 to improve your health, body fat composition and sense of well-being.

Please note the 4 weekly zoom consultations are for 30 minutes ONLY and any time in excess of this will be charged at a pro-rata rate.

Remember Winners Make Things Happen & Losers Let Things Happen.



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