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Stuart Stokes

“Hey Phil, just wanted to give you a massive thank you for running my nutritional, supplements and strength and conditioning program for the last 4 years. As a 35 yr old full-time teacher and father of 2 the odds of me making my first Olympic team were quite simply zero until I met you. It is unheard of in our business that you could guide 2 athletes, a sprinter and a distance runner (two completely different animals) and get RESULTS. Can’t get higher than that. Dreams do come true pal”.


Why work with Phil Richards?

I have spent over 35 years looking for an edge in strength, speed, power, conditioning, fat loss, muscle gain, hormones, nutrition, supplementation, recovery methods and laboratory testing to ensure I get RESULTS. I have had massive success in multiple sports at the highest level from professional rugby both codes (Union & League), premiership football, professional boxing, professional cricket, Olympic athletes, Olympic weightlifters, Strongman, bodybuilding, golfers, cage fighting and triathletes etc.

phil richards training eddie hall
Phil holding the bag for Eddie has he puts him through a gruelling conditioning drill in preparation for his big fight

Phil Richards has a ton of experience as an elite strength and conditioning coach. I’ve worked with many athletes/coaches over many years and his credentials are second to none, it was a no brainer getting him involved with my strength and conditioning program getting me ready for my big fight.”


Here is a video clip of me training EDDIE THE BEAST HALL



✔ The trainer/coach who really wants to achieve RESULTS consistently with people from all walks of life from high-end athletes to the client struggling to lose weight.

✔ The athlete who wants to perform at the highest level that they possibly can and needs the right information to get results consistently.

✔ The trainer/coach who wants to not only become an expert on strength & conditioning but to really understand scientifically how to significantly improve their client’s body fat composition through training, nutrition, supplementation and hormonal optimization.

✔ The trainer/coach who works with clients 40 plus years of age male or female they have a massive requirement for maintaining muscle and strength as they age and this course will show you how to ensure that happens not just from a training perspective but also from a hormonal need.

Here is a video clip of me training Bodybuilder & Actor Martyn Ford

“Working with Phil was fun, exciting and always interesting. I didn’t ever really know what was next. He keeps sessions varied and challenging at all time’s. With emphasis on specific performance drills that are relevant and not allowing you ever to feel safe or comfortable in a session.”



I have probably interned with more experts in the field of strength, conditioning and nutrition than any other coach in the world. For example, I was the first European strength & conditioning coach to work with the late Charles Poliquin, the late Charlie Francis, Louis Simmons (Westside Barbell) and Dr Eric Serrano (Hormonal Expert), I did multiple internships with these coaches. I also interned with many more world leading coaches and doctors all over world in many different fields from sports conditioning, SAQ, functional training, rehabilitation, Olympic weightlifting, bodybuilding through to sports nutrition and blood work.

Dr Eric Serrano

“Phil Richards’ knowledge of training and nutrition is above the rest and he can correct any athlete’s weakness by applying his superb level of knowledge and expertise. Every trainer should read Phil’s Science Of Fat Loss Book it’s awesome.”



I have also trained some of the best coaches and trainers from all-over the world who have come and interned with me or attended the many workshops I’ve given over the last 15 years on strength, conditioning and nutrition.

keegan smith


“Phil’s experience in top-level sport and dealing with health problems makes him uniquely qualified to bring the best nutritional information into the athletic world. His training methods are simple – direct & brutal and would increase the standards of world sport if applied more widely. 10 days with Phil Richards changes my future as a strength coach. His tough love wisdom put me on a new path for the coming season where I was the strength coach for the 2013 premiership winning Sydney Roosters. I don’t think we would have done it without Phil’s influence.”




Author Of 4 Best Selling Books

Over the years I also had the opportunity to write 4 books which allowed me to go deep into the scientific research on many of the topics that will be covered over this 6 week mentoring program so you can be assured you are getting the most up to date scientifically referenced material as well as in the trenches experience which can’t be found in any research papers.

phil richards books

Phil’s 4 books cover everything from strength, speed, power, conditioning, hypertrophy, program design through to optimising health, body fat composition & performance.

louie simmons testimonial
Louie personally presenting Phil with his Westside Barbell Certificate


A lot of what I will cover in the strength component of the STAD course is based on the conjugated method of strength training which I learned from the strongest gym in the world (Westside Barbell). The conjugated method is where you combine max effort training, dynamic training and work capacity/hypertrophy in the same training week. I did multiple internships at Westside Barbell and as mentioned earlier on I was the first European strength coach to intern there in 2003. I then modified Westside for professional rugby and with the team, I was working with at the time Worcester Warriors. It was my first season with Worcester Warriors, and I applied my modified version of Westside (conjugated system) to the Warriors and in my first season there they won 26 out of 26 this had never been done before or since. I then applied the conjugated method to multiple sports/athletes when I left the Warriors at the highest level with incredible RESULTS which is what I will teach you in this course and what I still use today with the athletes and teams I consult for as well as members of the public.




“I was very fortunate to have worked with Phil when I was at the Worcester Warriors. Phil’s training techniques were unique and cutting edge. His knowledge about correct nutrition is vast and in combination with his training techniques I can honestly say that I’ve never been as strong or as powerful as when I worked with ‘Phil The Power Richards”.


I had to design literally thousands of programs during my career from 8 week training blocks for Amir Khan (World Champion Boxer), 8 week pre-season training blocks for professional rugby and premiership football and then planning the training week for 10 months in season ensuring players would peak for every game. I have also designed 12-week training blocks for a world champion triathlete through to long term planning for athletes wanting to peak for Olympics. As well as this I would often have to design programs for the injured athlete especially rugby and this throws in lots of different challenges due to the complexity of so many injuries I would have to deal with. This experience allowed me to become an expert in program design for multiple sports which I discovered is as much of an art as a science.

Amir Khan
Here Phil is training Amir Khan and prepared him for a number of fights

“Phil has made me do sessions and when I have finished them, I don’t know where my head is. But it is good to feel like that because in a fight because in a fight I know I will feel like that at some stage. I have never felt pain or exhaustion that I feel with Phil. There have been some sessions that have been so tough, I wanted to hide in a corner because there were another five sessions to do. He takes you to an uncomfortable zone, but I need to know how I feel when I am in it. I feel more focused than ever, stronger than ever, too.”



“Phil made me not only think more, but also take action on my eating habits and training methods and opened my eyes to a whole new approach to being the best I could be. Too often athletes don’t consider the importance of nutrition and what effect this can have on their performance. Working with Phil made me approach how I ate in a completely different way and I benefited from it hugely becoming faster, stronger and a healthier person and athlete.

Phil’s approach to strength work resulted in me changing how I programmed my triathlon training schedules and as a result saw improvements. Understanding the importance of absolute strength as well as sport specific work and energy systems again made me not only a better athlete when I was racing but also now as a triathlon coach helping others. Phil’s knowledge is second to none and someone I will always be grateful for and continue to follow as he continually researches and improves his knowledge which is for the benefit of everyone else. Thanks Phil, you passion and ‘no BS’ approach to nutrition and strength is what makes you one of the only ‘real people’ in the industry and why you get the results.”


What will be covered during the 6-week Strength Training For Athletic Development Course?

Week 1 Program Design Considerations

In this seminar you will learn how the conjugated method of strength training works and also how to plan each training session, the training week and training blocks if required so you optimise your training to ensure you consistently get RESULTS. You will learn how to design programs from someone who simply wants fat loss through to someone who wants to perform at the highest level of their sport.

Week 2 Max Effort Training

In this seminar you will learn the importance of why you must strain if you want to gain. Max effort training in-cooperates powerlifting & strongman training into your program. Also, of significant importance here is knowing when to rotate exercises so the nervous system doesn’t become exhausted and you stop getting stronger. This type of training is as important to the young person as it is to the older person maintaining strength and muscle as you age is of huge importance.

Week 3 Dynamic/Speed Training

In this seminar you will learn the importance of including Olympic weightlifting, speed training and plyometrics in your training program to ensure as you get stronger you also get faster. This seminar will teach you some incredible drills also for improving your agility and reaction times.

Week 4 Hypertrophy/Work Capacity Training

In this seminar you will learn the most effective methods for building muscle from time under tension, ideal number of sets, ideal rep ranges and rest periods. It is absolutely essential you understand how to build and maintain muscle not only from a sporting and athletic perspective but especially for the aging adult. Why? The more muscle you can add as you age the leaner you will become and the stronger your immune system will be to. You will also learn a plethora of field conditioning drills that will significantly improve work capacity, fitness levels and decrease body fat levels.

Week 5 Nutrient Timing & Recovery

In this seminar you will not only be taught the importance of timing your meals for optimum performance but also what nutrients and supplements have been scientifically proven to increase muscle protein synthesis (build more muscle), decrease body fat % and increase work capacity and improves recovery time. This seminar will literally blow your mind on how many things you can do to increase muscle, decrease body fat% and enhance performance no matter what your sport.

Week 6 Hormones & The 3 Musketeers

In this seminar you will learn how to optimise our anabolic hormones (muscle building) and decrease our catabolic hormones (muscle breakdown). Hormones decline significantly with age I will share with you my extensive knowledge on how to keep hormones in their optimum range. You will also learn from my extensive research what 3 nutrients that I call the 3 musketeers if you get in the optimal ranges then the body is much more willing to release stored body fat and gain muscle much more efficiently. I have analysed many hundreds of very comprehensive blood panels over several years and I see very often in both sexes very low steroid hormones, high-stress hormones, low growth hormones, insulin resistance, leptin resistance, nutrient deficiencies etc when you have this type of profile you can train as hard as you like and you will achieve virtually ZERO results.


before and after Phil Richards Health & Fat loss Plan

This is Melinda Cooksey who was previously an elite athlete so I could push her to the maximum over a 28-day period. As you can see the RESULTS were spectacular which were gained through hard work in the gym and on the running track, along with a high protein low carbohydrate diet with optimum recovery.

What will you get out of this 6-week strength & conditioning mentorship:

✔ I will personally take you through a zoom powerpoint seminar on each of the above subjects using very easy to understand slides and ensuring you fully understand what is being taught so you can apply it to yourself and your clients.

✔ There will also be video demonstrations of some of the more complex less well-known exercises.

✔ To ensure you understand the material you will be given case studies to complete at the end of each seminar.

✔ You will be sent in PDF format my ultimate strength & conditioning book as your reference manual so you can read through all the topics covered in this absolutely cutting-edge course so that you fully understand what is being taught.

✔ By the end of the 6-week course you will have the knowledge to train people from all walks of life from high-level athletes through to members of the public who simply want to feel better, look better and get leaner.

I honestly believe you will not find a more comprehensive course anywhere on learning how to increase the strength & conditioning levels of someone whatever their goals are as well as having the knowledge on how to decrease body fat and increase muscle. Please note though if you are 100% not committed to learning both academically as well as getting in the trenches DO NOT DO THIS COURSE, I will not tolerate anything less than a 100% commitment.


Nina Ross

“I first met Phil when Interned with him multiple times doing his strength and conditioning courses which were awesome and since then Phil has been my go-to encyclopaedia for ANYTHING health-related. Having worked with Phil in different capacities over the years it’s safe to say his knowledge surrounding health/hormones is second to none. No matter how complex the question he always has an answer. Thanks Phil for your on-going help.”


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