Case Study With Sarah Duff

before and after Phil Richards Health & Fat loss Plan

At the beginning of lockdown, I noticed a swelling in my lower stomach. My GP referred me for Colonoscopy to rule out Bowel cancer. Further investigations including an Ultrasound scan and hysteroscopy discovered my growth, my Sigmund Fibroid.

Within 12 months it had grown from lemon size to grapefruit (see pics) I have a small frame and as a yoga/meditation teacher and very active woman, my diet or exercise could not shrink it, and at its biggest size it caused physical debilitating symptoms. Hence, Gynaecologist offered me Prostrap and Zoladex injections, HRT and Hysterectomy. I’d interfered with Mother Nature before and had Ablation at 45 years, due to heavy bleeding. I knew deep down that I didn’t want to go down this route again because I feel frightened at thought of loss of feminine organs and onset of menopause and all that brings, so I looked for a kinder, truer option to get to the root of my concern.

Thanks to Phil Richards, within 3 months of changing my diet, taking the right supplements, exclusive to what my blood test showed, changing my physical movement to include more Cardio and taking control of my healing:

RESULTS DON’T LIE! Look at my photos.

My ‘Sigmund Fibroid is now size of plum and manageable. Recently, my Gynaecologist asked me what I’ve been doing? They were very surprised to hear my truth. My next scan is in 6 months, upon which, they will sign me off showing continued significant progress.

Full blood tests and stool analysis do not lie, they show your blind spot. I am more than thrilled with the support and expert guidance from Phil to help me get right back on track. At 50, life is too short and precious and like the L Oreal’s slogan I choose to invest in myself, ‘because I’m Worth It.’
Healing is an inside job.

Thank you Phil for helping me in this healing journey.